Phew! Finally

By March 28, 2014 Site-Update No Comments

Finally finished and tidied up the last remaining parts of my new website.
WHAT A PILE OF WORK THIS WAS! (Pareto Principle anyone?)
… and i might have a coffee addiction now. :)

Altough, I kinda knew how much work I had in front of me cause this wasn’t the first website I set up. I really liked my last one. I mostly coded it from scratch in a texteditor. PHP, Javascript, CSS, everything. But sometimes you have to kill your darling. It was simply too much of a hassle to update or making sure it gets displayed correctly on every device, browser, and operating system. It also didn’t scale as well on devices like smartphones and tablets as this one. Thankfully this is now taken care of by WordPress – a wonderful open-source content management software. And with this comes many goodies, like various plugins and a ton of built-in functionality.

This is actually the first time I do have a blog. It has taken me til now, the year 2014, to start a blog and, voilà, here it is. I wonder how often it will get updated though. But I will try my best to not letting this place get in a abandoned and sad state. Instead I will try to fill this place with finished and/or semi-finished stuff. We’ll see how it goes.