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A bunch of digital paintings I did for Bilderfest.
They were shown in a short documentary about depression, airing on German TV. I did a couple of other painting as well but I feel these are the strongest. It was a pretty tough job because I didn’t have as much time as I’d liked and drawing people isn’t near my comfort zone either.

Suzanne Award – Best Design

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Wohoo … i surprisingly won an Suzanne award in the category “Best Design” for the SINTIK title sequence at this years Blender Conference.
The other entries were amazing!
My two favorites:
30th Modern Art Days – by Sebastian Lukaszuk
Freshness – by Blue Pixels Animation

It really put a grin on my face when i opened the the goodie package from the Blender Institute today! :)
A bunch of awesome DVDs, a book, and this lovely 3D-printed monkey award.

Ehrenberg Ruins

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Last week i went on a hike to the Ehrenberg ruins to shoot some reference photos for future matte paintings – and I thought i’ll try out 3D scanning too.
It’s far from perfect but I’m actually very pleased with the results from this first 3D scanning test.


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Finally finished this 3D title animation for a fictional TV-show.
All names except the endcredits are entirely fictional too.
This was my final project at the BAF.

Please view in HD!


Unter Medienleuten

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This is an opening title for a talk show for a small german TV-Station. It will be aired one time only.
This was done as a 2–3 month lasting school project in competition with two other teams.  I’m really glad to see it finished. :)

<strong>Please view in HD!</strong>




Manuel Grad
Timo Socher
Aniela Lea Schafroth

Oliver Kussinger
Prof. Jürgen Schopper

Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen (BAF)

Destination Unknown

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Just finished this short test animation.
We got an introduction in AE in school and everybody had to make a short movie alongside – well, this is my result.
I did the 2,5D parts in After Effects and the 3D part in Blender.

Docent: Oliver Kussinger
Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen (BAF)