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A bunch of digital paintings I did for Bilderfest.
They were shown in a short documentary about depression, airing on German TV. I did a couple of other painting as well but I feel these are the strongest. It was a pretty tough job because I didn’t have as much time as I’d liked and drawing people isn’t near my comfort zone either.

Suzanne Award – Best Design

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Wohoo … i surprisingly won an Suzanne award in the category “Best Design” for the SINTIK title sequence at this years Blender Conference.
The other entries were amazing!
My two favorites:
30th Modern Art Days – by Sebastian Lukaszuk
Freshness – by Blue Pixels Animation

It really put a grin on my face when i opened the the goodie package from the Blender Institute today! :)
A bunch of awesome DVDs, a book, and this lovely 3D-printed monkey award.

Ehrenberg Ruins

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Last week i went on a hike to the Ehrenberg ruins to shoot some reference photos for future matte paintings – and I thought i’ll try out 3D scanning too.
It’s far from perfect but I’m actually very pleased with the results from this first 3D scanning test.


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Finally finished this 3D title animation for a fictional TV-show.
All names except the endcredits are entirely fictional too.
This was my final project at the BAF.

Please view in HD!


Unter Medienleuten

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This is an opening title for a talk show for a small german TV-Station. It will be aired one time only.
This was done as a 2–3 month lasting school project in competition with two other teams.  I’m really glad to see it finished. :)

<strong>Please view in HD!</strong>




Manuel Grad
Timo Socher
Aniela Lea Schafroth

Oliver Kussinger
Prof. Jürgen Schopper

Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen (BAF)

Destination Unknown

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Just finished this short test animation.
We got an introduction in AE in school and everybody had to make a short movie alongside – well, this is my result.
I did the 2,5D parts in After Effects and the 3D part in Blender.

Docent: Oliver Kussinger
Bayrische Akademie für Fernsehen (BAF)


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My webspace hosting provider had an harddrive failure which resulted in me losing all new work updates, blog entries, likes, and comments since March. Without notification!
That combinded with several downtimes, old server software, and slow website speed was reason enough for me to change my hosting provider. I had to invest almost two days to make this change and get everything up and running again. The comments and likes are gone though. But this wasn’t without a lesson – i’ll now run the backups myself! :)