Who I am

My name is Manuel Grad and i am a Mattepainter and 3D Generalist. I am currently working as Head of Environment at Pixomondo. I had the chance to work on projects such as Game of Thrones, Justice League, or the Walking Dead.

My wish to do something related to art was there since the day I was able to hold a pencil. Since then this wish has not changed once. I’m interested in literally everything that requires creativity and if my free time permits, I keep working on personal projects and experiments.

This website serves as my personal playground and works collection where you can find a widespread selection of the work I do (new and old pieces).

What drives me forward is knowing that there is always something new to learn and I can continue pushing myself to become better in what I do.

Thanks for stopping by.

Feel free to say hello, comment on something, or simply get in touch.
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